Meet The Team

EDG prides itself on having an experienced, innovative and culturally diverse team of professionals. EDG’s diversity and international experience makes us sensitive to cultural differences and linguistic gaps enabling EDG to provide efficient and effective service.

This wealth of highly trained individuals working collaboratively as a team contributes, both, to the quality of our international design capabilities and to the way in which we implement our methodology ensuring the delivery of our projects.


Cecily Chou

Managing Director

Emily Wang

Vice President


Patrick Conway
Jean-Cédric de Foy, LEED AP
Ioannis Oikonomou
Nayoung Kim


Anca Vasiliu, RA
Leslie Valverde Ayers
Branson Wright
Spencer Leaf

Project management

Adrienne Colenburg
Cooper Haskell
Christine Hsieh
Brandie Meis, Marketing


Betty Gonzalez, Business
Anne Johnson
Nicole Paynter
Marimo Shioda